Harold Ruppert

I grew up hiking among the mountains, rivers, and lakes of the Washington State Cascade Mountains.  I  developed an interest in art and watercolor painting while a teenager.  My interest in art originated in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area.   

Art education includes an associate’s degree in graphic arts and numerous classes in watercolor, oil, and drawing from regional instructors.  My ambition is to gain control of the water, the paint, and the paper when creating a watercolor painting.  Maybe an unachievable goal.  Behind my art are many people and many stories from 50 years of adventures.

Past Instructors:

Professor Keith Imus, Drawing

Joanne Grout, Watercolor

John Ringen, Watercolor

Chuck Webster, Watercolor



Harold Ruppert


Cell 360 348 7376

Website: https://www.haroldruppertwatercolors.com